127 FX



127 FX is video work that explores the idea of modern computer generated movie effects as a prosthetic tool. In Hollywood, these 'FX' are capable of modifying (moving-) images to form 'complete images' by adding in vehicles, buildings, people, or other elements to scenes that were missing those items during shooting in order to make those scenes complete. In much the same way, prosthetic limbs are attached to or worn by people in a way that's thought to form 'complete people,' adding or augmenting arms, legs or other appendages that are missing from their bodies.

The piece samples a single shot from "127 Hours", Danny Boyle's 2011 film that tells the real-life story of Aron Ralston, a climber who became trapped in an isolated canyon with his arm between a boulder and the canyon wall, which he eventually had to amputate himself in order to escape and save his life. There is an interesting irony in that the special effects originally used to create the sampled shot were utilized in a subtractive manor, removing a limb from actor James Franco to allow him to look like his amputee character.